Idea4work is a modern application that enables the management of programmatic projects from any given place around the world, regardless of the used IDE. For the first time, the application integrates inter alia the work progress tracking function, error reporting as well as financial quoting. The application is characterised by a clear menu and a user-friendly interface based on the most recent trends in the „User Experience” UX field.

  • The world is your office

    Are you in Berlin, your team in Kijev and Madrid and your client in London? Idea4work won’t let the time difference surprise you and the issue of divergent time zones will disappear.

  • Your time is too precious….

    Each minute your employees dedicate to fill in documents and work-time log in systems is a time less spent on tasks that might provide profit for your company – not to mention the time you spend to verify the data.

  • …because time is money

    Idea4work enables quick analysis of the employees’ and project effectiveness. Just a few clicks will show you last month’s costs of a given project including the information on each of the employees. The invoice for the client is ready. A new project in the niche technology. Several „clicks” later and you know which of the employees should be in another team.

  • We will do it for you

    Your employee clicks the “start” button in the morning and the “stop” one in the evening. Not much? Basing on those information, Idea4work will find specialists in a given field, provide you with costs of every single project and your employee’s monthly salary.

Countless possibilities available in a friendly form

Idea4work application not only stores basic information about qualification and experience of the programmers but also statistics concerning inter alia: work effectiveness, salaries and the amount of worked hours. In addition, the application aids the management of tasks such as: person’s allocation, control of time spent on a given task as well as its costs. Another useful feature of the program is the management of the work schedule – regardless of the time zone. It is important to mention that employee’s availability can be checked at all times. Idea4work is a tool for everyone who value the work comfort and wellbeing of his/her employees but also focus on their client. Using the mechanism of tracking print screens and error reporting, each work step is carefully documented, and in consequence a fair settlement of client’s expenses is possible.

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