Mywork is a compact device, which allows to register employee's work time. Mywork not only saves the work time, but also print screens and data regarding acquired skills. Subsequently those information are analysed and available from the idea4work manager level.


Prior to the commencement of his/her work, each employee logs through the mywork panel. Idea4work application registers the log-in of each employee who gained access to the application. Private passwords and logins of all authorized employee's are secured by a standard privacy mechanism. Once mywork application is turned on, the camera icon should appear on the task bar indicating the beginning of the work's registration process. More information in the privacy policy folder.


Another fantastic feature of the Idea4work application is a dynamic calendar, assigned to every employee, which encompasses all time zones. Dynamic time changes replace troublesome calculations, thus eliminating any mistakes in employees' work schedules. All of the employees' calendars are available from the Manager



The employee can view the type of tasks and errors to correct, that are assigned to him within the project at any given time. Thanks to this solution, each employee knows what he/she should work on.


In case of critical application errors, Error report function allows automatic transfer of all information regarding the aforementioned errors as LOG's to the central database of Idea4work application. Therefore, either the employee or a group of employees working on a client's application, can act instantly, without the need of engaging client's human resources – his employees or IT people responsible for introduction of a given application. The automatisation of the error reporting process is one of the features for which many clients chose Idea4work application as a standard working, control and IT application mending tool.